Saturday, September 10, 2022

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

On 8 September 2022, Elizabeth II, the Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms, and the longest-living and longest-reigning British monarch, died at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, following medical supervision by her doctors. Upon the Queen's death, Charles III, her eldest son, immediately took the throne as the King of the United Kingdom and fourteen other Commonwealth realms. The official announcement came at 18:30 BST.

Her death set in motion Operation London Bridge, a collection of highly specific plans including arrangements for her funeral, and Operation Unicorn, which set protocols for the Queen's death in Scotland. The United Kingdom, as part of Operation London Bridge, is observing a national mourning period of 10 days. A funeral service for Elizabeth has not been announced yet.

Elizabeth II's death was met by an outpouring of reactions from world leaders, government officials, public figures, organisations, religious leaders, individuals within the royal family, and citizens of the Commonwealth and elsewhere.

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; 21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022) was Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms from 6 February 1952 until her death in 2022. She was queen regnant of 32 sovereign states during her life and served as monarch of 15 of them at the time of her death. Her reign of 70 years and 214 days is the longest of any British monarch and the longest recorded of any female head of state in history.

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